Is an Education Required To Be Successful?

May 25, 2023

 It has been argued and argued time and time again that education is needed for happiness and or successfulness. If you search this up on google however, you will only get arguments supporting this claim. Sam Wooden: “Highschool is more so important towards than it is to happiness”. Christopher Picos: “Happiness success in life are are influenced by social support, financial stability, mental health. A Highschool education can help you live a basic life. Yeidie Olmos: “Some important factors for success in life basically is to have a great social life and find people who can support you”. Through these answers, it is shown that a Highschool education is more success driven than it is happiness driven. Yeidie Olmos: “It deems whether you can get a job in the future or whether you go to college or not.” Sam Wooden: “The societal expectations when it comes to Highschool expectations more so negatively influence people as it puts more pressure on to them and makes them a little more distant towards the idea completing it.” From this it is easy to see that most students feel pressured to complete Highschool for a better life. Yeidie Olmos: “It really just depends whether you have  a good support system such as people at home or people at school and even if you get that success your going for really having good support group it just determines your happiness and possible success in the future.” Sam Wooden: “If you have a good support system your hippieness can often times prosper where as if you don’t have someone it can really bring you down.” After all of this, though an education is important to success, it’s not completely related to happiness as there are factors like family, friends, and hobbies to keep one happy. This was Lucas, on the tiger media network. 

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