The Diversity In Music

March 29, 2023

 Music is everywhere. It is what most describe as “comforting” and “a way to escape the real world”. From the renaissance to the 21st century, music has become diverse with the increase of experimental sounds, melodies and structures. Today with their own debut in the indie rock subgenre, we have the the skeets vocalist here to discuss their experience in creating music. The main genres of music include pop, classical, rock, hip hop, and rhythm and blues commonly known as R&B. Along with these genres come their subgenres which are usually a mix of two genres that can make up one sub genre such as indie pop, alternative rock, Latin alternative rock, Chicago drill and a notable rising sub genre and a genre in and of itself, K-pop. The skeets enjoy how much everyone loves the indie rock subgenre. When listening to the sweet sounds that make up music, most may not think about its creation, its past or how it came to be. Some were created for enlightenment purposes, some for a sense of freedom but all were created for enjoyment by different groups of different ethnic backgrounds. The history behind it is what makes today’s music so special.

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