The Drive Short Film

Jarred Suarez, Production Team

Chris: Hello?

Monse: Chris you’re not okay, you need help

Chris: we talked about this I’m fine

Monse: I know ur drinking again Chris YOU’RE NOT FINE

Chris: I’m NOT drinking! I gotta go bye..(hangs up)

Soft wind, birds chirping

Chris footsteps coming in from the right 

Chris tries to unlock the door by pulling the handle but the door is locked.

Chris looks back at camera to acknowledge it

“OH HEY, that interview thing was today? Sorry about this, I’ve been all over the place recently, it’ll just be a minute and I’ll be ready! Just turn it off for now.”

“Okay! So.. uh lets see.. Okay so I’m Christopher and I’m making a tutorial to show students on campus how to drive! 

(starts getting in the car)

Today I’ll be explaining all the necessary steps a driver must take in order to be a safe and trusted driver on campus.”

“Safety first! Gotta put on your seatbelt.” 

“Then foot on the brake to start the car.”

“Turn the key” 

“PUT the car in reverse”

“And lastly (pause)

never forget to drink the magical driving juice”

Sounds of gulping the liquid

“I can barely see, can you move your head a little? Thanks, I just can’t really see..”

“Okay not a problem, it’s probably just a scratch I’ll buff that out later”

“What? What do you mean you don’t wanna be in the car anymore? Fine then! Get out, hurry up, get out!”