How Does Prop 28 Affect Schools?

March 15, 2023

In November, California voters were called for their vote on propositions. One of these being Proposition 28. Proposition 28 is providing the arts in schools with an annual funding of a billion dollars without adding new taxes for it.  The implementation of the proposition will allow for student creativity and freedom of expression as well as more job opportunities for teachers. Not only will students’ creativity improve but their schooling as well. A study (insert) following low income students as they joined an art program, showed that those who participated in the arts had a higher GPA and higher test scores than those who were not involved in the art program. Not only was their GPA and test scores higher but there was a lower percentage of those who did not graduate high school and higher percentage of those that attended a four year college. John Seed, a professor emeritus in the arts department believes in a balanced education, arts being included in that. He has personal experience with art helping students discover and help themselves. Syd believes art in itself is a language. As stated, funding in the arts can dramatically improve students’ lives, from expressing emotion, learning more about themselves, and getting better grades. Prop 28 will allow for all this improvement!

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