Do students Prefer Computer or Smartphones?

March 9, 2023

Hello everybody today you will be watching a video about Computer vs Phones and which one is more popular

The students here talk about his experiences with these devices 

Arturo: I’ve had a pretty good experience when using both of them because I mainly use my phone to text my friends or make phone calls and I could use the computer to do school work 

Melanie : My personal experience from using a computer is when I do my school work and check my grades and emails while I use my smart phone for texting people that are close to me like family members or my friends 

Students here talk about which device is more used among their peers 

Arturo: I believe its the cellphone because we only have one computer at home

Melanie : In my opinion smart phones are more popular because we get to contact each other no matter where we at and what time it is  

Students here talk about how he uses his devices and why  

Arturo: For me the phone is more convenient when I want to make calls or make reminders or text people but the computer for me is more convenient when I have to do any type of work or research  

Melanie: I think phones are more connivant because if you have something important coming up you have your phone with you to remind you or someone needs to tell you something important

Students than talk about the ways they use the devices

Arturo: I’d rather do my school work on a computer because its more convenient I’m able to do things more efficiently everything is much quicker and easier

Melanie: A task I do on a computer is doing assignments for school

Arturo: I would rather make phone calls or send text messages because its much quicker than to pull out a computer

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