What is wrong with today’s society

March 7, 2023

Hello my name is Landon Jimenez and today you are watching Tiger Media and today we will be talking about what is wrong with society, especially no matter how little they are, it can make people angry. We will be Discussing some of the things wrong in with society either government a community or just a small thing so let’s break it down. Well for starters there is many types of inequality like rich and poor, race problems, education status between other but I can reassure that we need to provide the education to all people so they would have a chance for a decent life with retired at age of 60 or 65 years with another problem which they need to pay is taxes which is complicated because you have multiple groups that have different policies for taxes that it’s either the wealthiest pay more taxes or both rich and poor pay the same tax bill. This affects the social part because people who live in poverty are experiencing social interaction problems with other problems and the money wasting the government to prevent homeless people from sleeping on benches in some states where that money could have been more useful. The police in my opinion need to be reorganized with a strong law enforcement and judicial systems improved, with encouraging community involvement implementing anti corruption campaigns against a police department or demand a reorganization for all police departments because one corrupt cop won’t change the world. This is Landon Jimenez, you’ve been watching Tiger media and make sure you subscribe and have a great day.

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