How to deal with senioritis

March 7, 2023

Senioritis: the feeling of being burnt out and losing motivation towards the end of your final school year due to the fear of life after high school. As the end of high school approaches feeling a little nervous getting ready for graduation getting ready for college. Now that we are part way through our last semester this loss of motivation is at its peak it is important to distract yourself with events you are looking forward to. Trying to stay in the moment enjoying my last few months of high school coming to this prom and all that I wanna think about that right now. Senioritis is not a rare feeling to have even those who already have their future planned out have this feeling because I play baseball I have more stress about it. Even so it is important to look past the fear of the future and focus on the present. Making sure you stay calm through it not worrying too much about your work just making sure you go through everyday as normal as you can staying calm through it. For the tiger media network this is Abraham reporting 

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