Meet The Lunch Staff At SJHS

March 3, 2023

The food here at San Jacinto High is always tasty and delicious but have you ever wondered how they make the food? Tammy white: So the one thing is were very fortunate is in Riverside county we have a consortium of about 23 food service directors and we meet every other Friday via zoom so if we know another district is doing something we ask them how do you do it? where do you get it? and how long did it take to implement? That is something we do we do work collaboratively. We do keep up with trends on social media and we obviously drive around  and look at other restaurants that are out there. What are students ordering at these restaurants and how can we mimic it in a compliant way and still meet all of the federal and state guidelines to serve those products to our students. As you can see the staff here tries to give us what we like. Angela the chief coordinator oversees the whole and central kitchen and here what she has to say. Angela: Hi I am the chief coordinator for nutrition services here at San Jacinto. I work on recipe development with our staff. Something we do is make sure the food goes out day. We have 13 different sites and serve about 10,000 meals a day. Here I do spend most time behind a desk plotting, planning, and analyzing. The amount of work that goes into providing food for students is substantial and when I asked Angela why she does this, this is her response. Angela: We are here for the kids we do this for the kids. Every decision we make is for the kids.

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