Wood Shop Class

March 1, 2023

 A woodshop class is a class that teaches students the skills and techniques for working with wood using various tools and equipment. The class typically covers the basics of woodworking such as selecting the right tools and materials, how to safely use equipment, and how to create simple projects.

Mr.Costillo “what’s nice about a project based class  where we are moving material is doesn’t matter if later the machine that we are using are cutting aluminum or plastic just understanding how to create a chip and how to work in a procedure how to order your operation sol that they are safe doesn’t matter if you are working at a butcher shop or a cabinet shop just have that safety and accuracy will really benefit a student”

At first students can have trouble with this class environment but they quickly adjust to the nature of this course

Mr.Costillo “Usually because we are starting with confidence and work towards confidence so believing you can participate successfully with support or that the highest quality doesn’t need to be your first attempt  just to get something done so that you can improve it thats where students falter or they start to stumble just getting it started”

The nature of the class may seem complicated fist but in reality its more simple than most think

Mr.Costillo in cabinet making it doesn’t matter if your doing residential or commercial it doesn’t matter if your doing construction or any sort of manufacturing the project planning prepares students for job estimation the plan of procedure of the project making is really just manufacturing showcasing it and installing work in the community and outside of it prepares them for outside work reposing student to community college and university that teach programs similar or beyond that we teach here at san Jacinto high school they have a wide variety to advance on to secondary plan whether its to immediately to work, work to support going to college students get abroad exposure

This is Robert villalobos and Abraham Jimenez from the tiger media network reporting  

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