What is AVID?

February 16, 2023

Today’s tiger media video is, what is avid and how does it  help develop the skills students need to be successful in college.

Alrighty. Hi my name is Nikki Gray.  I am the avid coordinator and senior junior and freshman avid teacher here at SJHS AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  In terms of like yeah you gotta be determined and if you’re determined I am willing to help you succeed at whatever. However you see success, whether it’s two year, four year trade school or military, avid helps with so many things.  I the list would go on and on but I think that the biggest thing is just helps you to become prepared for this crazy world that we have out and around us and just helps you think about the things in life that you’re gonna need to envision and have your own success.

Hi, my name is Soraya Stevenson. I am a senior in high school and a senior in AVID. I have been in AVID since the seventh grade and AVID has taught me a whole bunch of things but especially how to be academically strong in a few months. I’ll be looking like this.  AVID has definitely made me college ready. Are you college ready?

“I had taken AVID since middle school it has prepared me in many ways I’ve learn skills like note-taking, reading and writing strategies and I leaned to ask for help and work in groups.”

“AVID helps students become more organized by using a planner. It also encourages students to answer higher-level thinking questions and develop college-level writing skills. The goal of these classes is to prepare l students for college life.” This is my senior year of high school, in a couple of months ill look like this. I feel college ready, Do you? before college avid makes you stronger in your critical thinking, reading, writing, organization, time management, which all of these tools are which successful students use in school and in real life not just in high school the goal of avid is to make you reach your maximum potential as a student as well as providing you with a better chance of reaching your college dreams AVID changes the way teachers and students approach their work by arming teachers with effective strategies that emphasize organization, collaboration, writing and inquiry. AVID challenges students to succeed, prepares them to succeed, and supports them as they pursue the goal of higher education.

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