Proper Form In Weight Training

February 7, 2023


Weight training is a great sport, safety in weight training is the most important thing. The bench press is a workout that is great for your chest, and arms but it also is very dangerous if you do not have correct form. You want to start by having the bar at an eye level, then place your hands evenly on the bar. A very good technique to have an even grip is something called the rule of thumb. The rule of thumb is when you place your thumbs on the line where the hand grip ends. Then push the bar off the rack and bring it down to your mid/Upper chest. Once there you will then bring the bar down to your chest and once it touches it, push back up. The back squat is a great workout. The form is the most important because you could severely mess up your back, you need to start with the rule of thumb, when you get under the bar, have it rest on your lower neck, then take 2 or 3 steps and have your feet 2 feet apart. Then Straighten your back out and keep it straight when you bend your Knees 45 degrees, when you come back up keep your feet flat and your back straight. The lat pulldown is effective and easy. Begin with the rule of thumb on the ends of the bar. Balance in this workout is what helps you target the correct muscles. Bring the bar down to your lower chest  while keeping your back straight and feet flat then let it go back to the top, then bring it back down to your chest again. The form in weight training is the number one thing every beginner needs to know.

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