High School Student Stress

Eliza Ponce

Upon entering highschool, students are expected to know what career they want to pursue. And are expected to go to college. But do students actually have a set plan? And for those who don’t, what are resources that can inform? 

Some do know what they plan to do after highschool




and some people even have their plan laid out

“Yes, After highschool; I’m really passionate about law, So I think I’d wanna get myself involved with law school.”  States a student.

“I want to go to UCLA. And I don’t know what I want to study but I want to be a surgeon. I think It’s okay for people to change it, I change a lot… maybe do research about it and all the different job things you can do.” states Alexis Ayala.

However there are others that do not have a plan 

“No” ,


“No i don’t have any idea actually no” 

With many students not knowing what they will do after high school, it’s questioned. What resources does the school provide for these students? Mr Carmona in Counseling has the answer! 

“So we kind of do a couple different things. One of the things counseling does is one, we present information on college and career in your classrooms. We have a college success coach, through the county office of education here on campus, so if you need an additional more like one on one meeting and stuff, you come in here and schedule those meetings. When I was a senior in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do to be honest. I think one of the big things that helped me were my teachers. I had one teacher who legit did not let me in the room until I applied to college, till I did my financial aid and stuff, and then I was able to be a TA. So I was like a TA for freshman in a math class. SO I think that helped me kind of like, hey i want to  help others kind of thing. Like I doubt a lot of students know exactly what they want to do. And it’s okay to change, I think I changed my major when I was in college. And that’s okay you can always change it and nothing is set in stone. But that was my journey and everyone is different, but yeah differently did not know what I wanted to do in high school, or what to do with my life” states Mr Carmona.

This is Elyza Ponce Reporting for Tiger Media Network.