Teacher Interview: Mr.Bluhm

Adrian Sandoval, Tech Support

“Who are you? And what do you do?” Adrian S asked,

Mr.Bluhm replies with, “My name is Mr.Bluhm and I teach creative digital media, web design, and year book. The job of the yearbook is to put together the finalized yearbook for the year. Highlighting events from between sports, clubs, students, activities, wild events, and all that fun stuff.”

“In what way would you say this class is different from any others?”

“It’s fun. It’s a team building class; lots of collaboration and the class practically runs on itself. So, as a teacher you feel like you’re supervising and guiding, rather than instructing  and having to test over and over again for understanding.”

“And what would you say the majority of the work in this class is?”

“Graphic design; Most of it is creativity, starts from the heart, goes to the brain and onto the computer, to come out with fun results.”

“Does yearbook have any goals this year?” Adrian S asked,

Mr.Bluhm responds with , “Yearbook has the goal to create something that is different and unique. I will give you a spoiler alert, this year’s yearbook, we are going to be doing comic book themed. We are having a special custom cover page and it’s going to be about 200 pages of different things.”