Awareness and Accessibility Around San Jacinto High School

Eliza Ponce, Production team

In the decades leading up to now with all the  acceptance, it is no surprise to see more acknowledgement for the disabled. Rather than being within the media or even just more thought into how something can be more accessible. However, with all the perks, there are sure to be some things that aren’t as helpful. Which brings to the leading factors of all of this,  how can we bring more accessibility into disabled people’s lives and more awareness to able bodied people’s lives

William moncada believes the school is accessible but would like to see some changes

“I would say the school is, I would say very accessible with students with disabilities. There’s a lot of areas where there’s ramps, there’s elevators to go to second story buildings. But I do think there are some areas that can be reworked, there’s a lot of cramped, tight quarters that kind of make it difficult for people in wheelchairs who need aid to get around, but besides that I think that’s fine. I think in general like how they’ve done with the elevators, make more areas, or areas where maybe it’s not as tight as a corkscrew. Wheres theres more space instead of two doorways, in and out 

” William Moncada states.

Caro Villegas has a more specific issue that they feel needs to be addressed 

“People, no one moves out of the way, no one in the hallways has any cognitive thinking skills to think. “Oh wheelchair…move” And how aware people are of the situation.” Caro Villegas argues.

This is Elzya Ponce reporting for Tiger Media Network.