IB Diploma


SJHS is one of many schools across the world that offers the IB Diploma Programme to it’s students. While this programme requires much of those who partake in it, many students on campus have decided to rise up to the challenge and go for the IB Diploma.

Aimee Herrera, one of the students going for the diploma, said, “I want the IB Diploma because I know it’s gonna help me get into universities.” This same consensus is followed up by top-ranked SJHS student Marcie Gimutao, who said: “Students who have the IB Diploma have been statistically proven to have a higher acceptance rate into most colleges.”

One part of the IB Diploma Programme that all IB students must participate in is the Theory of Knowledge class, which helps students develop critical thinking skills by reflecting on what they’ve learned in other classes. Here’s what Yvanna Duran, a junior at SJHS, thinks about the class: “It (TOK) helped me a lot actually, because it made me think out of box and think in a philosophical sense, so yeah, I really enjoy the class.” Aimee agreed, saying TOK “opened my thinking more. I become more open-minded.”

Both students seem to agree that their level of thinking has been increased from taking the class. Even teachers seem to notice this. Bethany Gibson, who teaches IB English at SJHS, said that IB students are “just quicker to ask questions, they’re quicker to indulge in their curiosity.”

Overall, the students partaking in the IB Diploma seem to be content with the experience so far. “Honestly, if you really wanna push yourself, and you really think you can handle all the heavy coursework, I really recommend it,” said Yvanna, who was very encouraging of the program. Marcie said, “even if you don’t get the IB Diploma, even if you don’t succeed, it’s still a good thing to have tried. It’s great for yourself too, just the whole open-mindedness concept.”

Take the word of students who are participating in the program, it’s an incredible challenge to undertake that will help open your mind and advance your critical thinking skills.