Link Crew


Emilio Cervantes and Khalid Haron

  You are probably wondering why students are wearing green tie dye shirts. Well, these students are a part of a club known as link crew. Link Crew is ran by Ms. Aldana and her assistant Mrs. Lopresto.

            “Link Crew is a leadership program focusing on making select juniors and seniors students mentors for freshmen students known as link crew leaders,” Mrs. LoPresto said. “The link crew leaders guide the freshman to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to highschool. And they help facilitate freshman success.”

            Link crew leaders at one point were also taught by the past link crew leaders and passing generations by generation.

            “It is really fun being in the link crew, getting to interact with freshmen and showing them how it can be fun having a highschool experience,” Liliana Ruiz said. “I also like that I can make friends off of link crew and getting to meet new people.”

            Link Crew really helps pave the way for new students and their success. The leaders have prior knowledge and experience to share with the new students and help them with their upcoming years of highschool.

            “Link Crew has helped me by, by the first day of school where they showed me where my classes were,” Jose Vazquez said. “and telling me to be responsible and be on top of my grades.”

             For Tiger Media Network, this is Emilio Cervantes and Khalid Haron.