Top Student Stories


Sunny Alvarez and Joseph Castaneda

With over 600 students in our senior class alone, there are a few that are recognized for their academic success using a class rank; for most of these students achieving the top class ranks was not even an original goal.

“It kinda just fell into my lap. I didn’t realize till I was like a sophomore, I was like I could keep going with this. It’s already right here, let me just go for it all the way,” said Precious King. 

“It was my goal to get a high GPA, but it wasn’t to get class rank. It was to be competitive for college, it’s just kind of where I am,”  said Estuardo Garcia Barrios.

“It was never like a goal, it was something that kind of just happened and something that I kind of just maintained,” said Mia Lewis. 

However for Marcie, our senior class top student, it was a goal that she wanted to achieve. 

“Yes it was, I didn’t really think it was reachable until I came to high school and then it wasn’t that bad, yeah it’s always been one,” said Marcie Gimutao.

Each of these students had something different and unique that inspired them to achieve these goals whether it was for physical achievements or for recognition. 

“My biggest inspiration would be my car. I work a lot because I like to afford my car. It’s really pretty and I enjoy driving,” said Precious King.

“I really just want to push myself to be better I wanted to make myself completed as possible for college,” said Estuardo Garcia Barrios

“Money. I really like money, people don’t really motivate me, but money it’s kind of something I really need,” said Marcie Gimutao

After students graduate there are countless opportunities for them to follow, most of these top students have already mostly thought out their plan.

“I want to go to college, a 4-year university. I’m shooting for Stanford. We’ll see how that goes,” said Mia Lewis.

“I want to go to UCLA and study climate science and make the environment a better place and keeping us here longer,” said Precious King

“I plan on going to UCLA 4 years university maybe major in political science and afterwards law school in UCLA for 3 years,” said Estuardo Garcia Barrios

With tons of experience throughout these students’ high school careers, there is bound to be a few pieces of advice that helped them throughout it.

“Don’t take things personally, don’t let petty arguments, things people tell you get in the way of your goals and your life. You’re here for your singular purpose, and that’s to be you, and however you see fit,” said Precious King

“Just try your best I guess, don’t get involved with boys or relationships, I think academic stuff is more important,” said Marcie Gimutao

“Good luck to everyone, keep up  your grades, you don’t have to be straight A’s and perfect to do what you want to do,” said Mia Lewis

The top students of SJHS’s senior class have worked hard to achieve academic success and hopefully inspire other students to keep working hard.

For Tiger Media Network this is Sunny Alvarez and Joseph Castaneda.