Vending Machines


Alex Perez, Donovan Rains, and Tyler Willis

Students at SJHS look for any way to get snacks at school even if that is through the snack black market.

“Well, I just buy it off of somebody. People sell it on the campus, so I just buy it off of them. They got big bags, they bring chips, and stuff so I just buy it off of them,” says Jerry Escobar.

Back in the day, we used to have vending machines on campus, but then that changed when the government passed the no sugar act.

“What took place is we had this no sugar act that took place from the federal government when it came to eating and food and health for students, and since that moment vending machines have not been back on the campus for a long time. They were even in the teacher’s lounge, so teachers had ‘em and then the teachers would get coaxed into buying sodas and candies for the kids,” adds Scott Stewart.

Students have been trying to find ways to get better snacks to go on throughout the day which is where vending machines would come in handy.

“There’s people that aren’t able to get food, so vending machines would be a good way of getting food and making money for the school,” claims Chris Aguilar.

This is Alex Perez, Donovan Rains, and Tyler Willis reporting from Tiger Media Network.