Water Polo


Branden Aguilera and Giovanny Pena

 Most people hate being in the water, but the SJHS water polo team doesn’t fear the water at all! Coach Cripe trains each and every player to be determined to beat the opposing team. 

  “It takes coordination. Takes energy, The ability to swim, and no fear,” Coach Cripe said.

Cripe believes that more students should try out water polo since it is new to the school and it is different from other sports.

   “Getting the word out that water polo is a sport here on the school campus, and as this being our first year and me being on campus, kids are coming out their learning. They are excited about trying a new sport.” added Coach Cripe.

  With this being a new sport to the school, we have high expectations for our team to kill it in the water. With now having enough players for a team, we will see how the water polo team will be tactical with their skills in the pool.

  “Some basic training we’ve done is swimming and freestyle in the pool,” Jacob Sanchez said. Jacob Sanchez is very tactical in the water and mentions the techniques they use in the water. 

  “We’ve been doing a lot of egg beaters, which is a technique we use for water polo, and we’ve been doing a lot of endurance,” comments Jacob Sanchez.

   Water polo consists of 6 to 7 players on each opposing team. Players can move the ball by throwing it to a teammate or swimming while pushing the ball in front of them. They can only hold the ball with one hand other than the goalkeeper who can use both hands. 

  “So I’d like us to have an actual full team and possibly go to CIF’s.” Isis Romero Said. 

With the tiger media network production team, this is Branden Aguilera and Giovanny Pena and we’re out.