Valerie Baltazar and Yubia Gutierrez

  There is a great variety of possible career choices, one of these includes welding. 

About half of the United States has above average job opportunities with a promising starting annual salary of $44,190.

Luckily for anyone interested in this career, SJHS has a welding pathway. Perfect for exposure and hands on experience as many skills can be learned.

“You would learn how to fabricate and weld structurally, and what that means is you would build lots of different types of projects, tables, or small projects, and you would learn how to complete a sound weld out in the real world and basically find a job welding,” says Mr. Cain.

“I learned how to fabricate metal, how to bend metal, I learned how to cut, weld, grind off pieces of rust, I learned a lot of useful stuff,” comments Eran Almos.

“I’m learning how to do basic welds and get certified in those welds,” adds James Gray.

The hands-on should not intimidate anyone, as the class is not as hard as many believe. 

“It’s really easy to learn, especially if you are hands on, and you like working with your hands. And it doesn’t take too much intelligence to do, but it does take a lot  of practice to really get good at it,” states Mr. Cain.

James Gray agrees saying, “It’s pretty easy.”

Also, Eran Almos mentions  “The passing is easy, but the welding at times is difficult.”

This pathway here at SJHS is also highly esteemed as it is reflective of what you would do in a real welding job.

“I believe this pathway goes above and beyond compared to a lot of pathways of welding that are in Riverside county, we provide certifications, real world certifications that normally would cost you like 400 dollars just to try to do, and these certifications can get you higher paying jobs, and quicker jobs,” notes Mr. Cain.

“I definitely recommend this course,” adds James Gray.

For Tiger Media, this is Valerie Baltazar and Yubia Gutierrez.