School Traffic


This Tyler Willis from Tiger Media Network, and today we are discussing the troubles of school traffic. We asked students and teachers for their opinions on school traffic. Here is Andres Carillo on if mornings or the end of the day are best for school traffic.

“In the mornings because people get here at separate times in the morning like there’s the early people that get here extremely early to school and then there’s the late people that come to school. I always come late to school,” said Andres Carrillo.

When Fred Valiente was asked if anything happened due to school traffic, he said “I crashed my car because of school traffic.”

Many students feel the same way about school traffic, here is what Angel Adame said.

“Everything about school traffic is very obnoxious, it’s a safety hazard, and I think a lot of people get annoyed by it.”

Teachers as well have similar feelings towards school traffic, here is what Mrs. Gibson thinks about school traffic.

“I’m here by 7:15 every morning. Sometimes it’s closer to 7 just because I’m in and out, I don’t have to wait for cars, there are fewer students on campus, so I can go straight into my room, but I intentionally come earlier because if I left any later there would be so much traffic congestion. I would be getting into my room when they rang.”

Since the student population has increased over the years, it causes traffic outside school campuses and the safety of students. This was Alexander Perez, Donovan Rains, and Tyler Willis from Tiger Media Network. Have a great day.