Teaching Strategies


Terrell Powell and Jeremy Vandehey

At San Jacinto High School, we asked two students about how teachers affected them in their lives. Here is what Kandice has to say.

“I have made a serious connection with Mrs. Sanchez. She made it fun, understandable. She was very calm and understanding when I didn’t understand the concept of the subject,” said Kandice. Students see teachers as more than just someone in a classroom.

“She was like a second mom to me in school,” added Kandice.

Another student, Raider, believes some teachers push students to succeed and become more productive. Here is his take on the topic.

“I have made connections with some teachers. They also try their best to help the young classmen to succeed in life,” says Raider.

Now that we’ve asked the students, let’s get a teacher’s perspective on this topic from Mr. Temple. We’ve asked him how has COVID affected him and how he managed to stay motivated during the pandemic and online teaching.

“The pandemic was a wild ride. It also was the roughest year, but my easiest year to teach over the years. Everyone was wondering how to manage to teach remotely, but I had that all planned out,” says Mr. Temple.

This story is by Terrell Powell and Jeremy Vandehey from Tiger Media Network.