Post-Highschool Plans


Khalid Haro and Emilio Cervantes

Seniors are going through the phase of hopefully graduating high school and moving on to pursue their future careers. These students are truly passionate about their careers and are ready to move on from high school.

“My dream is to study surgical technology at North State California for about six years for my masters,” Joey Murray said. “The reason I wanna become a surgeon is because I wanna professionalize in orthopedic surgery because I’ve always been fascinated with the joints of the body.”

There are even more students interested in majoring in the science fields. 

“I plan to study Computer Science at the University of California Berkeley for four years to achieve my bachelor’s degree,” Alexander Perez said. “I plan on working for a tech company to improve security systems.”

“I plan to attend the University of Santa Barbara to study Biotech for four years to achieve my master’s degree,” Derrick Carrilo said. “My idea is to work at Genentech.”

Lastly, we have students with the intentions of joining the navy, military, air force, marines, and coast guards while others plan on attending MSJC.

“What I wanna do is join the navy. I wanna do 20 years in it,” said Kyle Redmond. “Main job I wanna do inside the navy is be a mechanic so basically I wanna work on planes and helicopters.”

“I wanna go to MJSC for two years and get my associate’s degree and then I plan to transfer into a four-year university to get my bachelor’s degree in social work and that will be a license,” says Tatianna Pacheco.

“My goals after graduating high school are to get my associates degree at MSJC to go on a mission for my church and preach the gospel for two years and then I’m going to come back, and go to a university and get my degree in animation and then after that I will try and find a job,” says Isaac Malcolm.

For Tiger Media Network, this is Khalid Haron and Emilio Cervantes.