Cell Phone Policy


In this day and age when mostly everyone has a cell phone, we asked whether people have become addicted to their devices and if it has become a problem. Juan Arellano answered this saying,

“Ya, they have been. I think that they are because at the age once they start learning how to use technology, people can get a cellphone. Like let’s say at elementary, like at a very young age and

they’re just gonna want to be on their phone 24/7. And they’re not going to really do much other than just staying on the phone. I think that the ideal age for a phone is probably around 14-15 years

old, so like freshman year.” Almost (46%) of young people around the ages 12-16 may possibly be addicted to their smartphones. Another person, Angelica Lomeli, also gave her input on this.

“They do because half the time, you just see kids like down the hallway, they just stop in the middle of the hallway when everyone is just trying to exit through the door, so it’s just like a whole

traffic jam when everyone has their own way to go, and it doesn’t help when everyone just stops and looks at their phones,” says Angelica Lomeli. Studies show that 71% of people sleep with their

cellphones and 35% of people think of their cell phones when they wake up in the morning. Kevin argues for the use of cellphones, “I think teachers should let students use their phones because it

allows them to use the internet.”