Teacher Feature: Mr. Salcedo


Benjamin Ramos and Justin Grino

Inside the classroom of room 207 at San Jacinto High School is one of the most recognizable staff members, Mr. Salcedo. Originally, Mr. Salcedo served in the marine corps, but later became a Spanish teacher who has managed dozens of clubs and sports at the school including cross country and MECHA.

“Dealing with a little bit of variety, diversity in a school setting was challenging in the beginning, but as I adapted and learned how to become a better teacher, I was quickly able to relate to students and adapt to them and find my way in the school setting, eventually becoming a passion for me,” said Mr. Salcedo.

Mr. Salcedo has impacted many students throughout his time at SJHS.

“He’s a pretty good teacher, I mean he’s taught me a lot. He’s an even better mentor and coach. You know, he pushes you to do your best and then he keeps us all entertained and focused in the classroom,” says Christopher Jiminez.

“Salcedo has impacted my life by being more involved in school, honestly if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have done the extracurricular activities I do today,” adds Melina Tapia.

Here is Mr. Salcedo when asked about his biggest accomplishment, “the biggest accomplishment really is to me is every year, every day, making connections with students and seeing their achievements as they do better in the classes with their grades, as they do better with their sports, whether its PR’s (personal records) or getting better at a certain activity, but ultimately I think accomplishments from others is my biggest reward.”

Evidently enough, Mr. Salcedo is a great person to be around.

“In class with him a lot of the time, he’s always funny, also celebrating cross country things like it was just good being there with him, cheering on our teammates, seeing if we made CIF like this year,” claims Daniel Turrubiartes.

Overall, Mr. Salcedo has positively affected the lives of many students over the years of his career and we have no doubts that he’ll continue to do so.

“He pushed me for better goals and saw something no one else saw. – He is a very hardworking coach and he – pushes people for bigger things and never gives up on you,” says Melanie Garcia.

For Tiger Media Network this has been Benjamin Ramos and Justin Grino.