Foreign Language Classes


Yubia Gutierrez and Valerie Baltazar

Have you ever thought about learning a new language? There are many benefits to learning a new language including, an improved memory, improves the ability to multitask, and can help you to get a job after high school.

“Before I started working as a teacher, I used to sell cellphones and the reason I got paid more than the people that worked there for a while was because I spoke a second language, and I was able to help more people than my counterpart. The benefits of learning a new language is that you can communicate with double the amount of people, and then when you also travel, you can inquire about their culture and exchange information that way. One of the most memorable things that I’ve had is that every summer I go to Mexico, and because I speak Spanish, I got the privilege of asking a lady what she does for a living. It turns out that she owned her own taco shop, and we went to her stand, and I asked her ‘do you want me to paint your banner on your taco stand for more publicity and now because of social media going out crazy.’ So, I painted her taco stand, and I told her, I will take a picture and will upload it to Instagram. Really exciting,” says Mr. Salinas.

Mr. Salinas says that if he did not know a second language, he would not even be here today, and the secret to earning these benefits may not be what you think.

“By the motivation you have, it all comes down to your own personal drive. If you are very motivated to learn Spanish, or you know, French, Chinese, whatever the language is, that will become easier. It just depends on what you want to learn, and once you want to learn that, that becomes way easier,” adds Mr. Salinas.

This motivation is seen in a Spanish student who says the language is easy for him to learn, and encourages others to try taking a Spanish class.

“I like Spanish a lot, it’s like one of the most easiest languages to learn and the most universal. It’s like the most used foreign language in our state, so take Spanish for sure,” claims Gabriel.

Why not start by taking a class here at SJHS?

“I’m your Spanish teacher, come give me a shout,” says Mr. Salinas.

For Tiger Media Network, this is Yubia Gutierrez and Valerie Baltazar.