Teacher Feature: Mr. Torres


There are over 100 teachers here at SJ, and there are bound to be many unique teaching styles, motivations, and even struggles that teachers have. One of these teachers is Mr. Torres, who is a relatively new teacher that is determined to make changes to the traditional teaching style.

We first asked Mr. Torres: How do you think your teaching style has changed since you first started teaching at SJ?

“Really focusing on what the students’ needs are. I started seeing what kind of things connect with y’all and I started bringing those in”, Torres explained.

Even teachers find themselves encountering struggles and challenges when finding their teaching style; here’s what Mr. Torres has to say about his own struggles in teaching.

“Building an anatomy curriculum that is accessible to all students. I’m trying to find ways that make it easier because I’m building a very detailed course, a very difficult course, but at the same time making it fun and accessible for everybody”, Torres said. 

With that being said, we were intrigued to know from Mr. Torres’ point of view: “What are the key factors to creating or improving an educational system?”

“Keeping students in mind. A lot of times when we’re trying to make these decisions a bunch of old adults in the room are trying to make things like they used to be, places where we’re comfortable. And the key is to remind ourselves that we’ve already done school and school is different for next generations and every time that I’m making changes, regardless of what they are, I need to think about the impacts those will make on students today and not students from the past,” Torres said.

We were curious on what motivates Mr. Torres, specifically his passion for his teaching and students, so we asked him.

“What are some motivational forces that drive you in your everyday life?”

“The motivational forces that drive me in my life are obviously family, friends, my farm. But at school, it’s my students. Building relationships with my students over the last 4 years here have really driven me to be the kind of teacher that I am. By having those relationships with my students and allowing them to kind of mold who I become as a teacher helps me mold them to be better adults when they grow up too.” Mr. Torres said. 

Here’s some final words of key advice for not just high school, but for life in general from Mr. Torres.

“Obviously, learn. While you’re here, take advantage of the teachers, take advantage of the experts that are here. But two, it is: have fun. Your high school experience is a very special one. You only get it for 4 years out of your life, maybe some of y’all are lucky to get 5,” Mr. Torres laughed.

“Be present in the moment, have fun, and put your phones down for just a little while, that would help you out a little bit, as all the students do this” Mr. Torres finished.

For Tiger Media Network, this is Joseph Castañeda and Jose Sunny Alvarez.