Reason for Teaching


Giovanny Pena and Branden Aguilera

 Teachers across the world have their reasoning on why they love and enjoy their job. Here at SJHS, many of the teachers like the environment and giving students the opportunity to learn. 

When asked about why he chose to teach math, Mr. Kobatsu said, “I realized that the majority of my good grades were coming from math classes, so I figured, well, I might as well not fight against where I’m getting all my good grades and just stay there and finish my degree there.”

Similarly, we asked Ms. Muscente why she chose to teach history. She responded, “Because of the show Dr. Who, and my 6th-grade teacher, she made history really fun by doing a lot of projects and activities. We would draw murals and create columns for Rome and Greece, and she just had a huge impact on me “

Additionally, we also asked Mr. Kobatsu what frustrates him the most as a teacher. “I would say probably when people quit really fast. You try something, you try to explain it, and it’s just like ‘I really don’t care,” he explained. That sort of attitude from students is wasted potential in Mr. Kobatsu’s eyes.

“When I’m talking and all my little childrens are all trying to talk over me, and it’s like, kind of a mission sometimes to get them to be quiet especially this year,” explained Ms. Muscente when we asked her the same question.

Ms. Muscente likes to always help students out with any work and enjoys having students in the classroom during lunchtime.

At the end of our time with the teachers, we asked them, “What are your strengths as a teacher?” 

Ms. Muscente replied, “I’m loud, I’m obnoxious, I relate a lot to my students to the point where I can’t get rid of some of them, and they’re here constantly.” 

“I think I have good rapport with the kids. I think that the majority of the kids in the class are pretty good about being, you know, respectful to me,” answered Mr. Kobatsu.

Overall, all teachers should try their best to give a good rapport with their students, so they can succeed in their future as well. With Tiger Media Network, this is Giovanny Pena and Branden Aguilera.