Mandated Vaccine

Mandated Vaccine

Emilio Cervantes and Donovan Rains

Now that we are living in a worldwide pandemic, students are having to get covid vaccines to attend school on campus. But how do students feel about having to get the vaccine?

“I feel like it’s a really good thing because right now we’re experiencing a lot of contamination, between everyone and I feel like mandating the vaccine will help a lot more people stay safe,” Daniel Lopez says “and even if they don’t want to get the vaccine. They can go to distance learning or anything”

There are also some students on campus that are gonna take the vaccine to avoid distance learning.

“I’m gonna take the vaccine, I already got my booster and stuff like that,” Frank Spalitta says “and I think distance learning is a bit hard so I’m definitely not switching over to that anytime soon.”

This new law as we know will be affecting us students but it will also affect other people off and on campus. 

“I think this new law is going to cause a little bit of chaos in the school district and some division upon students who do not want to be vaccinated” Brittany Kudlo says “and those who want to be vaccinated, as well as upsetting parents.”

For Tiger Media Network, this is Emilio Cervantes and Donovan Rains.