Seniors End of Year Thoughts


As the last year of High school comes to an end for our seniors here at SJ, there are hundreds of seniors who have their own different opinions about how they feel about the last months here and many who have their own ideas about after graduation. Here are just a few of the seniors who share their opinions about their own high school experiences.

“I feel like it’s the start of your career, the start of your actual life, everything that’s been preparing you,” said Alisha Hernandez.

“It feels good, but I’m also worried about what life could give to me,” commented Tyrone Oloa.

We asked our seniors how their overall high school experience was and their plans after they graduate.

“It was pretty average,” replied Alisha Hernandez. “Go to Cal State San Bernardino and study pre-social work.”

“My plans after high school is continuing football, and high school has been a good experience for me, I was able to meet new people,” answered Tyrone Oloa.

As we get closer to some of the end of the year events for seniors, we asked which of the events they are most excited for.

“Honestly, I’m just looking forward to walking. Prom and all that, eh, it’s whatever, but if I end up wanting to go, I’ll go, but I’m not really looking forward to it,” stated Michael Ramirez.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to graduation because I’m done with school,” said Tyrone Oloa.

Here’s some final advice from the seniors to the underclassmen as well as future generations of SJ Students. 

“Don’t procrastinate and do your work,” advised Alisha Hernandez.

“No matter what happens just keep going,”  added Tyrone Oloa.

Additionally, Michael Ramirez said, “Drama is unnecessary. Get your work done and that’s it.”

As the seniors at SJ finish off their last months in high school, they all have their own respective plans and goals after graduating, and we wish them all the best of luck in the future.

For Tiger Media Network, this has been Zeb Gibson and Joseph Castañeda.