Students’ Favorite Teacher


Khalid Haron and Branden Aguilera

With many students at SJHS and more to come, many students have developed great relationships with their teachers. This is because of the way the teacher teaches their classes while treating their students with respect and honesty. Having one on one conversations really creates that relationship of knowing one another and helping students succeed in life.

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Aldana. She taught me how to be myself, taught me how to overcome things that are difficult, and things of that nature. She listens to me a lot, I grew up with her, I had her for freshman year, sophomore, and then senior year. The most important thing she taught me was probably self-love cause if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be 100%. She dealt with all my problems, my badness and goodness too, and she stayed because she believed in me,” said Tieran Theus.

Students appreciate teachers and staff on campus and are truly grateful for their time and effort.

“Ms. Gray is one of my favorite teachers because she has known me since middle school and has watched me grow up to be who I am now, and I have to give her a big thanks because she has helped me become a better student, and she really motivates me,” commented Reina Acosta.

“My favorite teacher in San Jacinto High School is Mr. Jackson because I really like the way he teaches, and I like the way he keeps track of grades and the way he connects with his students, and just in general he’s a really funny guy and I like to hang out with him, not only as a teacher but as a friend,” added Michael Garcia.

While the year is closing, students and teachers treat each other with respect while creating long-term relationships to help each other improve as people. For Tiger Media, this is Branden Aguilera and Khalid Haron.