BSU/Black History Month


As Black History Month reaches an end, let’s review what BSU has done to celebrate this month and how they will continue to work towards reaching their own goals as a club on campus. Mia Lewis, the President of BSU explains the club’s goals for not only during Black History Month but also as a club in general.

“In BSU, we want to make sure we are empowering other black students on campus and educating those who maybe don’t understand or maybe haven’t had the chance to experience black culture the way other students do. And we want to make sure that throughout the year we are creating a safe environment for not only black students but for other students of color,” said President of BSU, Mia Lewis.

Leigh Murray, the Secretary of BSU speaks about her perspective on how BSU celebrated Black History Month and a few examples of events that took place.

“We held a celebration at the middle school for Black History Month. Every Wednesday we would play music and display posters about black history, and then we did Market Monday, so we’d help black businesses be exposed and stuff like that,” commented Leigh Murray.

Ms. Miles, the supervisor for BSU gives us more information on what events and activities took place throughout the month of February in celebration of Black History Month.

“BSU did a couple things for Black History Month. We wanted to do more than one thing, so we did something every week. We did a couple of sharing days, so on a couple Fridays, we did a soul food Friday where we emailed soul food recipes to the entire campus. We had a display made by the kids that had some facts about fashion, hair, HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and then it ended with a Black History Month event at Monte Vista where we had some soul food, music, games and we kind of all just hung out and fellowshipped together, “ Ms. Miles explained.

Ms. Miles also gives her perspective on the importance of both Black History Month and BSU on not only campus but also in the community as a whole.

“I think we want to give a space for them to be comfortable with each other, to hang out with each other but one of the things we really want to do is to focus on community service and do some positive on campus and the community. One of the goals in BSU is to go away from some of the negative stereotypes and I think Black History Month is a great time to highlight some of the positives that dispel those stereotypes. “ added Ms. Miles.

Here is some final information about BSU from the BSU President, Mia Lewis.

“We have meetings once a month on Wednesdays where everyone’s welcome, not just black students, and we can educate others and we talk about issues on campus,” says Mia Lewis.

Even after Black History Month, BSU will continue to make an impact on campus and throughout the community.

For Tiger Media Network, this has been Zeb Gibson and Joseph Castañeda.