Cell Phone Usage


Branden Aguilera and Khalid Haron

You probably are guilty of using your phone too much. Most of us do not understand how easily attracted we are to our phones. Most people check their phone every 15 minutes or less even if they don’t have a single notification from their apps. 

“Sometimes I feel like I’m so into the social life that I forget about my own personal life, I try to get away from my phone,” says Tiffany Torres. 

These addictions can be caused by apps, to the point where it feels like our phones are controlling us, instead of us controlling our phones.

“I use Tik Tok and Instagram the most and it’s not like an addiction. I just like to scroll through them whenever I’m bored,” comments Geraryelis Matos.

“I feel like your phone can control you at certain points like you just wanna go on social media but then you don’t want to but then you just do, and then go on Youtube and any other social media,” adds Branden Aguilera.

Phones and technology have changed the way of life for everyone, but there is a point where these cell phones are borderline too addicting and attractive for users. We must understand how these cell phones can control us and how we can prevent that. For Tiger Media Network, this is Khalid Haron and Branden Aguilera.