Mask Policy


Omar Suarez and Jesus Lara

With the massive amount of students in school, we asked 3 people about their opinion on the mask policies.

Let’s see what David Kobotsu has to say about this.

“Somebody is smiling at you, and you don’t even know facial expression and or like be around people with these things because it is really hard to speak,” says David Kobotsu. Experts say that at least 95% of people wore masks, it could save nearly 130,000 lives between now and March.

For those complaining about the policies, Brennan Lopez comments “They shouldn’t be complaining, but it doesn’t really affect me if they complain.”

Alongside this, Moises Lomeli says “I feel like it’s a pretty good thing to be honest because even if you are vaccinated and everything, I feel like you should still be safe, better safe than sorry in a sense.” Face masks will soon no longer be mandatory in schools but rather optional. However, the CDC still recommends wearing masks at all costs.

Additionally, David Kobotsu states “And hearing someone clearly, it’s hard to see whether they are laughing, smiling, crying underneath, we don’t have any idea. I guess it’s just something that we get used to.”

For Tiger Media Network, this is Omar Suarez and Jesus Lara.