Dress Code


Sunny Alvarez and Joseph Castenada

The dress code has been a subject of great controversy among the students of SJ recently, and most students have been united in voicing their opinions on the dress code, even some of the staff have their own unique opinions on the topic, some even seem to find common ground in that there are higher standards on specific individual’s outfits.

Senior class president Monae Robinson believes that students should be able to wear what they are comfortable in, to a certain extent. “Wear regular clothes, wear whatever you feel comfortable in, nobody can tell you personally what you don’t feel comfortable in unless it’s showing way too much,” Monae Robinson said.

Some students such as Veronica Vargas although,  not experiencing being dress coded as frequently, still believe that the dress code is unfair. “ There are definitely sexist dress codes that are clearly directed at girls and only girls,” Veronica Vargas said.

Other students like Malachi Brown have quite a different approach on the subject. “girls are gonna dress how they wanna dress even though there is a dress code but they really don’t care, they feel like they are being targeted” as said by Malachi Brown.

Where would they lay the boundary if students were given the power to change the dress code and its restrictions? Here’s what they have to say: “I would kinda keep it as what they are now, because if they follow the dress code, there wouldn’t be as many problems, but the girls are gonna dress however they want, and what they feel is empowering them.” Malachi Brown said.

 As said by a few other students they believe differently: “If I was the school I would first change the dress code rules and make it equal for men and women” said a student at SJ.

“I would try to adjust the dress code to make sure the females know they are being heard and know their opinions are going towards it,” said another student at SJ.

With a wide range of opinions and thoughts on the subject, it is currently unknown what effect the student’s viewpoint on the topic will have on the future of the school’s dress code.