Devious Licks


Justin Grino and Benjamin Ramos

The word “Lick” has become a form of slang that translates to theft. “Devious Licks” is a trend on the popular social media app Tiktok in which the objective is to perform a “Lick” at school to inconvenience others.

This trend can lead to very unconventional situations that leave many largely inconvenienced and greatly frustrated. Those largely affected are the staff and faculty who have to deal with this issue.

Mr. Perez, a custodian at San Jacinto High School said, “Kids have been trashing the bathrooms, breaking the paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, throw them everywhere. We try to replace it as soon as we were called to do so. The problem is that there’s been so many broken dispensers in the last couple weeks we’re running out of soap dispensers.”

And it’s not just faculty and staff who find this trend costly and pointless, here’s Abraham Oziegbe’s overall opinion on the trend: “I mean it’s fun watching a TikTok, but I believe it’s something that shouldn’t be done in school because to them, it’s fun but like the school, that’s a lot of money, and I believe that shouldn’t be done in school at all.”

Mr. Perez also believes this and added that “I know I was young once myself, but the thing is, this is in my opinion, going a little too overboard because there is a lot of students that like I said always need to wash their hands, I myself like to wash my hands and all that stuff, but we can’t because we can’t supervise these bathrooms 24/7.”

Another student, Jarred Suarez is also affected by this trend. Here’s what he said about how the trend affects him: “So actually, it’s affected us a lot. The cross country team and me specifically because we use the restroom a lot and we drink a lot of water. And so it’s really hard sometimes because there’s no soap in the bathroom or the paper towel dispensers are taken, and also people are just messing around in the bathrooms, and it’s kinda just hard to use the restroom sometimes.”