Bell Schedule


Estuardo Garcia and Alex Nunez

Entering the 2021 school year, the teachers and students of San Jacinto High School have been presented with a new bell schedule. Both have had to adjust to the new flex periods accordingly, with some handling it better than others.

 “I personally love the flex schedule. It gives me the opportunity to use Tiger Time more appropriately because I do have that extra hour with my students,” said Michael Shepherd, a government and world history teacher at SJHS.

Others, however, find themselves wishing they could go back to how things once were. One such senior student, Beatrice Corona, says “We should go back to our old bell schedule.” Another teacher, Nicole Vela, also claimed that the old bell schedule was better. Here’s what she had to say: “When we had the previous schedule with Tiger Time, students could go to different classes to get their work done or get a test made up, and with the flex schedule, I don’t really have the ability to do that with all of my students. I can only really do that on Thursday when we have Tiger Time.” 

Michael Shepherd, on the other hand, has figured out how to take advantage of the new flex periods. When asked how he did it and why he likes the schedule, Mr. Shepherd said, “like some lessons, you might have to break up over 2 days and it kinda makes them not as fun, where when its on the same day and you have that block schedule, you can strategically place that lesson on that extra long day, on that flex day, and makes it a better lesson for the teacher and for the students.”

Despite this, Senior Perla still finds herself disagreeing with the new bell schedule, here’s why: “They should consider how draining it is to be sitting in a classroom learning about one subject for more than an hour.”

Overall, the new bell schedule at SJHS seems to have generated mixed opinions from both students and teachers alike.