Ms. Aldana’s Story


Khalid Haron and Emilio Cervantes

As students are walking to their classes, some students are heading to Room 532. This room is for Math 3 Teacher and Link Crew Coordinator, Ms. Aldana. Ms. Aldana is a very well-recognized teacher and staff member on campus. Let’s hear Shalim Rodriguez who is a part of Link Crew and who has been taught by Ms. Aldana for more. 

“What makes Ms. Aldana Ms. Aldana is that she is a very caring and very helpful teacher,” Shalim Rodriguez said. “She always helps her students whenever she can and even when she encounters students that aren’t hers she still tries her best to make sure they succeed and do their best in either their classes or even in their social life.”

Ms. Aldana is a very reputable teacher who is willing to help. As Shalim stated, she is very caring, and she will try her best to help students succeed. Let’s hear more from Ms. Aldana on this subject. 

“I am here today because I know that a lot of my students can relate to me and the struggles that I went through growing up in life,” Ms. Aldana said. “I know that school was definitely not a priority when I was growing up, but my teachers took the time out of their day to hear my story, understand my story, motivate me to get up, and tell me that I had to keep going. So that’s why I’m here and these struggles have definitely made me the person I am today, and I know that I was called to this world to impact lives, and I am definitely at the best place in the world.”

 Ms. Aldana is truly passionate about being a teacher and helping her students succeed. Giving them the same attention her teachers gave her when she was a student.

“And there’s definitely not a day that goes by where I do not feel grateful to be here.” Ms. Aldana said. “and I am given the chance to continue doing what I love which is teaching.”

For Tiger Media, this is Khalid Haron and Emilio Cervantes, Thank you for watching.